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Charges of domestic violence are often brought by vengeful individuals who are looking to gain control of a family or otherwise heated situation. Unfortunately, these charges can do a lot to damage your reputation and can significantly impact your future.

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Penalties for Domestic Violence in Florida

A majority of domestic violence charges start out as misdemeanors. If you have a previous criminal history or are a police officer or member of the military, then a conviction of domestic violence could end your career. Even something as small as a scratch could be grounds for charges of domestic violence.

Penalties for domestic violence misdemeanor charges include:

  • 12 month probation period
  • 5 days in jail (if you are found guilty and bodily injury is involved)
  • A no contact order may be imposed
  • Additional community service hours
  • Loss of certain important civil liberties
  • Mandatory 26-week Batterer’s Intervention Program

In addition, someone charged with domestic violence is not able to have his or her record sealed or expunged under Florida Law. If you are convicted, you may face a life-long criminal record.

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