Contested Divorce

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When a divorcing couple cannot reach an agreement on at least one aspect of their divorce, it will technically be considered a contested divorce. As it is normal for divorcees to have some serious disagreements and unaligned perspectives, which may be the reason for the divorce in the first place, a contested divorce is often the norm. However, it is important to realize that contested divorces do not need to be heated legal battles that leave you winded and frustrated.

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What You Should Know About Contested Divorces

A contested divorce begins when two divorcees cannot or will not see eye-to-eye on one issue, but there is nothing that guarantees more issues will not become contested. In many cases, topics of concern that had once been resolved will become undone or up for review again. Be sure you work with a divorce attorney you can trust so you are well prepared for the road ahead and any of its potential legal challenges.

Some of the most common topics of debate in a contested divorce are:

While any divorce can become contested, it is all the more likely to occur for high net worth divorces, such as a divorcing couple that shared a small business together. If you have potentially much to lose in a contested divorce, act quickly in retaining reliable family law representation.

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