Military Spouse Benefits

Military Spouse Benefits

Being married to someone in the military comes with a number of great benefits. These are intended to make your loved one’s service easier on you and ensure both of you are provided for, even in your spouse’s service-related absence. If you are experiencing a conflict regarding your military benefits or are experiencing another family legal conflict, please contact a member of our team at Owenby Law, P.A. right away.

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How Can I Access Military Spouse Benefits?

The only way you can access military spouse benefits is by being officially married to someone in the military. You must also register as official personnel with your spouse’s branch (i.e. Navy, Air Force, Army, etc.). After you register, you will be given a military ID. However, you cannot register or receive a military ID at any point before you are officially married.

Health and Child Care Benefits

In addition to base pay, military spouses receive something similar to shared healthcare insurance. As a civilian or military spouse, you will have access to Tricare, which is the military’s healthcare service. Though not technically an insurance provider, Tricare functions in the same way and helps service members and their families get necessary medication, medical procedures, and other important healthcare services.

Shopping and Commissary Benefits

Most branches of the military also provide what it calls non-monetary pay. This typically takes the form of a commissary, where military spouses and their children can go to get food and other grocery items. There may also be other stores or services provided on or near a military base that provide goods and services at cost and contribute a portion of their revenue to military programs, benefitting both that particular branch and the military spouses (and children) who save money.

Military Housing Benefits

The U.S. military also has what is called a basic allowance for housing (BAH). This is a portion of pay given to a service member and their spouses in order to float all or most of the cost of housing. If your spouse is deployed to a location where you cannot follow them, the military will pay for you to live somewhere else during your spouse’s period of deployment.

Jacksonville Family Lawyers Serving Military Spouses and Families

If you are in the middle of a family legal conflict regarding military benefits, our team at Owenby Law can help. Our dedicated family law attorneys have served couples and families in Jacksonville for decades and are prepared to help you and answer your questions. Resolving conflicts involving the military and its particular rules can be challenging, but we are here to work through it with you.

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