Who Pays Child Support in a Divorce?

Who Pays Child Support in a Divorce?

You care about your children, and you want to make sure your divorce minimally impacts their lives. With this in mind, you start to wonder about their future; who is going to take care of them if you and your spouse split? While child custody is an easier process, child support is an entirely different animal. Who typically pays child support after a divorce finalizes?

Calculating Florida Child Support

Determining child support is not as straightforward as many people believe; in fact, the calculation of child support is an extremely complicated process. Finances, custody, average childcare costs, and other factors play substantial roles in the final figure. Therefore, talking to a lawyer about your scenario can be the first step in getting an idea about what your child support could look like in your divorce.

Florida child support calculations are affected by the following:

  • The spouses separate income;
  • The spouses separate expenses;
  • The time each spouse spends with their child;
  • The needs of the child (as determined by the court);
  • Daycare costs (if any); and
  • Healthcare and educational costs (depending on worker benefits).

With the calculations mentioned above, we can generally say the two biggest factors that affect child support are each spouse’s financial situation and the amount of time, energy, and money each spouse uses to care for the child.

For example, let’s assume a spouse with a higher-paying job has sole custody of a child. While this spouse earns a higher income than the other spouse, the fact that he or she has sole custody means the other spouse will have to pay child support despite earning less than the spouse with child custody. However, if the lower-earning spouse has joint custody, the higher-earning spouse will likely have to pay child support to the lower-earning spouse.

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As you can see, child support calculations are rarely straightforward. At Owenby Law Firm, we believe it is crucial that parents can ask their lawyers questions about their case any time they want. If you are interested in learning more about child support calculations, feel free to give us a call to set up a free consultation!

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