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Stepparent Adoptions

Stepparent Adoption Lawyers in Jacksonville

Proven Jacksonville Adoption Attorneys Can Guide You Through the Process

We at Owenby Law, P.A. recognize what a significant step it is when the husband or wife of a parent decides to share in the legal responsibility of raising a child or children. Our team of Jacksonville family law attorneys represents spouses who wish to legally adopt their stepchildren.

While stepparent adoptions are common in Duval, Clay, Nassau and St. Johns counties, they require the services of a lawyer who is familiar with the legislative and filing requirements involved in the process. If you are married to the parent of a minor child, you are probably already helping to raise your spouse's son or daughter.

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Requirements for Stepparent Adoption

In Florida, stepparent adoption is a legal process where a stepparent can adopt their spouse's child. This process requires the consent of both biological parents unless one parent's rights have been terminated by the court or the parent has abandoned the child.

To qualify for stepparent adoption in Florida, the stepparent must be legally married to the child's biological parent, and the child must have lived with the stepparent for at least one year. Additionally, the stepparent must demonstrate to the court that they can provide a stable and supportive environment for the child.

Both biological parents usually need to consent to the stepparent adoption in Florida unless one parent's rights have been legally terminated or if the parent has abandoned the child. In cases where a parent cannot be located or refuses to consent, the court may still grant the adoption under certain circumstances.

The Parental Adoption Process in Florida

In Florida adoptions, the spouse who is attempting to adopt is referred to as the "petitioner" and the absent parent is called the "defendant."

In Florida, in order for a petitioner to legally adopt a child or children, one of the following conditions must exist:

  • The defendant is deceased.
  • The defendant has failed to maintain a relationship with the child or children and/or has failed to financially support the child or children. In other words, the defendant has abandoned the child or children.
  • The defendant has abused or neglected the child.
  • The defendant signs a consent form agreeing to the stepparent adoption.

It's important to note that as long as both parents are actively involved in the child's or children's lives, the only way to successfully petition the courts for a stepparent adoption is to have the defendant sign a consent form. Naturally, in all cases, at the husband or wife of the petitioner must agree to the adoption. If the petition for adoption is approved, the court will issue an order granting the adoption. Vital Statistics (in the state the child or children were born in) will issue new birth certificates that list the adoptive parent as the parent.

Benefits of Stepparent Adoption

Stepparent adoption in Florida offers several significant benefits for both the child and the new family unit:

  • Legal Parental Rights: Perhaps the most crucial benefit is that the stepparent gains legal parental rights over the child. This provides them with the authority to make important decisions regarding the child's upbringing, including matters related to education, healthcare, and religion.
  • Stability and Security: Stepparent adoption provides the child with a sense of stability and security within their family unit. It solidifies their relationship with the stepparent and reassures them of their place within the family.
  • Emotional Bonds: Stepparent adoption formalizes the emotional bond between the child and the stepparent, affirming their commitment to each other as family members. This can strengthen the parent-child relationship and promote a deeper sense of belonging.
  • Inheritance Rights: Upon completion of the adoption process, the child typically gains inheritance rights from the stepparent. This ensures that they are legally entitled to inherit assets from their adoptive parent, just like a biological child.
  • Name Change: In many cases, stepparent adoption allows the child to change their surname to match that of their new family, if desired. This can further solidify their sense of identity and belonging within the household.
  • Social Benefits: Stepparent adoption can also offer social benefits, such as simplifying administrative processes that may require proof of parentage, such as enrolling the child in school or obtaining medical insurance coverage.

Overall, stepparent adoption can have profoundly positive effects on the child's well-being and the dynamics of the family. It provides a legal framework for nurturing and supporting the parent-child relationship, fostering a loving and stable environment in which the child can thrive.

Jacksonville Family Lawyers with Extensive Adoption Experience

Whether you are a couple trying to adopt a child or a stepparent who is attempting to assume the legal rights and responsibilities of a parent, our lawyers know how stressful adoptions can be for everyone involved. While there is never a guarantee of success, your best chances lie with a family law firm that has extensive experience in Florida stepparent adoptions such as ours.

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