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Not all family legal issues need to be resolved in the courtroom. For many couples, mediation is a favorable alternative to traditional litigation. Families who choose to resolve their legal disputes through mediation are able to work through their disagreements on their own terms, avoiding the hassle of court altogether. If you are interested in using mediation to handle your divorce, child custody case, child support case, family law modification, or another legal issue, our firm can help.

At Owenby Law, P.A., our Jacksonville family law attorneys are prepared to help you with your legal issue. We have helped thousands of families throughout Florida and we are passionate about providing our clients with the legal guidance and advice they need. With more than 20 years of experience at our backs, you can be confident in our ability to represent your interests with skill, proficiency, and compassion.

How Does Mediation Work?

Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution that allows couples or families to handle their disagreement without going to trial. The mediation process allows each party to work through their disagreements on their own terms, with the help of their respective lawyers and an unbiased mediator. The mediator will offer support and suggestions to help both parties work together to find a fair, workable solution that benefits each side. Mediation is a reliable legal process and will end with some type of binding legal contract, depending on the sort of legal issue at hand.

There are several different types of disputes mediation can help with, including:

The Benefits of Mediation

Not only is mediation a more private way to resolve legal issues, it is also more affordable and less time-consuming. Traditional litigation usually takes more time because of complicated court schedules and long waiting lists. However, mediation meetings depend only on the schedules of either party, their lawyers, and the mediator. Moreover, if all parties are able to negotiate quickly, the entire ordeal can be handled swiftly, which will cost each party less money in legal fees. Mediation also allows families to find the best possible resolution for their situation, which makes the entire legal process much more customizable than it typically would be in court.

If you are going through a divorce, child custody dispute, or another type of family law issue, consider whether or not mediation might be the best choice for you. Our experienced attorneys at Owenby Law, P.A. can work with you throughout the mediation process, representing your interests and negotiating on your behalf.

Mediation FAQs

Is mediation mandatory for family law cases in Florida?

Yes, in most Florida counties, mediation is required before any contested family law matter can proceed to trial.

Who can serve as a mediator for family law cases in Florida?

Mediators in Florida must be certified by the Florida Supreme Court. They can be attorneys, mental health professionals, or other qualified individuals who have completed the necessary training and meet the state's certification requirements.

How long does the mediation process usually take?

The length of mediation can vary depending on the complexity of the issues involved and the willingness of the parties to reach agreements. Typically, a mediation session lasts a few hours, but multiple sessions may be necessary to reach a resolution.

What happens during a family law mediation session?

During mediation, the mediator will facilitate communication between the parties, help them identify their interests and concerns, and assist them in generating options for resolving their disputes. The goal is for the parties to reach mutually acceptable agreements on issues such as child custody, visitation, child support, and property division.

Is everything discussed in mediation confidential?

Yes, Florida law protects the confidentiality of mediation proceedings. Communications made during mediation cannot be used as evidence in court, except under limited circumstances such as when there is a threat of harm to a child or vulnerable adult.

What if the parties cannot reach an agreement in mediation?

If the parties are unable to reach an agreement in mediation, the case may proceed to trial, where a judge will make decisions on unresolved issues. However, many cases are settled in mediation, avoiding the need for costly and time-consuming litigation.

Do I need an attorney for family law mediation in Florida?

While parties are not required to have an attorney present during mediation, it is highly recommended, especially if the issues involved are complex or contentious. An attorney can provide legal advice and ensure that your rights are protected throughout the mediation process.

How much does family law mediation cost in Florida?

The cost of mediation can vary depending on the mediator's fees and the number of sessions required. Some mediators charge by the hour, while others may have a flat fee for their services. Parties may also be responsible for paying their attorneys' fees if they choose to have legal representation during mediation.

Can agreements reached in mediation be modified later?

Agreements reached in mediation can be submitted to the court and incorporated into a final judgment or order. However, like any other court order, these agreements can be modified in the future if there is a substantial change in circumstances, such as a change in income or the needs of the children.

To learn more about using mediation for your divorce or family law issue, contact Owenby Law, P.A. for legal assistance.

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