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Modification of Alimony

Alimony Modification Lawyers in Jacksonville, FL

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Alimony and spousal support are supposed to be ways to help the spouse of lesser income stay financially afloat after their divorce finalizes. The amount of alimony paid each month may be useful right after the divorce ends, but there are many circumstances in which it is no longer enough, or possibly too much.

What are you supposed to do if alimony is not working as intended for you and your ex-spouse? At Owenby Law, P.A., our Jacksonville alimony attorneys are here to help request a modification of your spousal support amount.

With our extensive legal experience and client-focused approach to casework, we are equipped to guide you through this difficult time with confidence and comfort. We are not satisfied until our clients are completely satisfied as well!

Our alimony modification lawyers in Jacksonville are here to help. To start your case with a free initial consultation, contact us now!

Modifying Alimony: When Is It Needed?

In order to modify your alimony or spousal support order, you will likely need to go through a significant change of circumstances for the family law court reviewing your petition to approve it.

Without there being new financial demands or strains on you or your ex-spouse, the court might not find enough reason to make the modification.

Significant changes of circumstance that might convince the court include:

  • Receiving spouse loses employment unexpectedly
  • Receiving spouse finds gainful employment
  • Either spouse experiences a medical emergency that causes expensive medical costs
  • Either spouse remarries

Who Can Request Alimony Modification?

For a modification of alimony case, the argument can be brought forth by the receiving spouse that a greater amount of alimony each month is needed.

On the contrary, the paying spouse could ask for a modification that reduces how much alimony they pay each month. Our law firm is capable of representing your best interests, no matter which side of alimony you stand on.

Begin Your Case with Our Alimony Attorneys

Presenting a modification of alimony to the court requires a keen understanding of Florida’s family law regulations, as well as familiarity with local courts and judges.

You can depend on our Jacksonville divorce attorneys for all the legal insight, knowledge, and experience needed to properly handle your modification case and any other family law dispute you might be encountering.

Need help filing for alimony modification? For a free initial case evaluation, you can dial (904) 770-3141 or contact our team online any time.

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