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    "Excellent Legal Representation"
    Counsel provided by Nancy Sutton I just wanted to compliment Nancy in the handling of my recent legal issue. I was not only impressed with her accurate and expansive knowledge of legal positions but also the level of compassion she exhibited as we progressed to conclusion. Nancy's level of professional and personal ethics are above reproach and I would not hesitate to obtain her representation should the occasion arise in the future.
    - Stephen Logan
    Tawny Rountree's representation absolutely exceeds all expectations!
    - T. Haston
    "Mr. Block is the best."
    Me. Block was of great help to me. He knew his stuff and I am grateful for his help with a complex legal issue.
    - Darryl Block
    "Second To None"
    Ms Vogel is a very helpful professional in her field. I am appreciative of her kindness, Honesty and professionalism. My son and I are forever grateful. Awesome at Atlantic Blvd office.
    - Yahya Kariem
    "Darryl Block was great to work with..."
    Darryl Block helped mediate a very sensitive internal issue. He was knowledgeable and informed. He told us our options and we were able to make a fair decision. I would highly recommend Mr.Block
    - Madra C
    "Exactly what I needed"
    Dustin Nemati was exactly what I needed. His intelligence and understand helped me feel so much better.
    - Angela
    "If you have nothing to hide? Hide nothing..."
    At a time when emotions run high, you need a strong, calm, professional to guide you through the legal process. That professional is Katherine McLaurin. She has experience in both sides of the courtroom and knows the strategy to utilize to get the results you desire
    - Carla Fleming
    "Attorney you can Trust"
    Michelle Medina is my hero! It is difficult to find people to trust. Attorneys, and Realtors like me are often thought to be dishonest. For me, it is so important to find someone that will work for my best interest and solve my problems efficiently. No fear that she will drag my case on just to make money. Nothing more valuable than a Lawyer you can trust. Michelle Medina is un-matched in compassion, dedication and integrity. I will go nowhere else for my legal matters.
    - Authenticity
    "Attorney you can Trust"
    Ms. Medina came highly recommended by a law school cohort. From day one I knew she was someone that I can trust. She shoots it to me straight and I appreciate her transparency and authentic caring attitude. She did not miss a detail in our transaction. Michelle Medina and Owenby Law, P.A. are my attorneys for life.
    - C.M.
    "I'd recommend him to anyone who was looking for a family attorney."
    I'd recommend him to anyone who was looking for a family attorney.
    - Ben J.
    "We have no hesitation to recommend Michelle Medina, Esq."
    We have no hesitation to recommend Michelle Medina, Esq.
    - Michelle C.
    "Excellent Service"
    My experience with Owenby Law was awesome! Amanda Meyer went above and beyond to exceed all of my expectations. She was extremely personable and proficient as she communicated each step and detail throughout the process.
    - Roxianne B. Stanberry
    Janessa Smith is a knowledgeable and strategic attorney who had my back. She took the time to explain my complex divorce case. My case involved legal issues related to family law, divorce, custody, child support, and real estate issues.
    - Sayre Brennan
    "Understanding and helpful"
    A special thank you to Emily Cochran for the help and truly being a nice person. It means a lot 😊
    - Jeannie Baker
    Best experience I’ve had from a law firm Emily was so sincere and caring.
    - Michael S.
    "Very pleased and would use anytime I need legal assistance"
    I had the pleasure of dealing with Darryl Block. Very knowledgable, friendly and was a great help. Thanks for all you did for me and my family.
    - Eddie
    "Very professional and personable."
    Very professional and personable. I would highly recommend Katherine McLaurin to anyone who is need of legal services.
    - R.S.
    So helpful and attentive. Best price in town
    - Josephine Wilson
    "I highly recommend Darryl Block!"
    Darryl Block is an experienced legal expert who has given me legal advice over the last couple of years. I highly recommend Darryl.
    - Christine
    "Excellent Mediator"
    Darryl Block helped mediate an internal issue fairly and objectively. He let us know what legal actions we had available and what responsibilities we needed to fulfill.
    - Craig W.
    "Simply the BEST!!!"
    T Rountree and R Arnold are the dynamic law duo in this firm when it comes to family law, tactical expertise, and getting the divorce job done. From the initial consultation till the final decree, T Rountree provided top notch expertise, brilliant legal counter motions, and outstanding legal advisement. She is one hell of an attorney!! My whole experience with Owenby Law has been exceptional, from Chasity in billing, to Alicia in Orange park, and the professional team of T Rountree and R Arnold these were the individuals that were the critical elements in my 5-STAR legal team. I appreciated T Rountree no nonsense approach, fact based legal advisement, and personal case experience as part of her tools used to stop me from being raked over the coals. Even during mediation the Mediator stated your lawyer has done an excellent job preparing for this settlement. I could agree more. I've got to give credit where credit is due. T Routreee and R Arnold are the BEST when is comes to taking care of the client and neutralizing the opposing counsel. Want the best team on your case, call Owenby Law and ask for T Rountree to represent you
    - A. Sawyer
    "Answered every question."
    I contacted Andrea Lehner for help with my case and she quickly answered my questions and assisted me with my legal matter. I would definitely recommend Andrea and will contact her again if I have any legal issues.
    - Dan
    "OWENBY LAW, P.A. has been nothing less than outstanding for helping through a tough divorce"
    My lawyer, Ms. Nancy Sutton, did performed her job well. Very soft spoken, but tough. I had filed for Dissolution of Marriage by myself and did what I thought was a great job. The I had to go to Mediation. It was court appointed. It didn't go very well and there was no help offered except, I should get a lawyer to help me out. I listened and started the search that same day. I am a retired USN Vet and was looking for a company that had a specialty in that realm. I contacted the company, came in and there I met Nancy Sutton. I told her my story, gave her the papers that I submitted to the court. I received a co all and that she would be taking my case. Long story short. I needed someone to help me get over the hump and she took me there. I am happy with every aspect of the case being finalized. Ms Sutton was very attentive to my needs, gave suggestions when warranted and we even had a strategy session. Although I did what I could, I wouldn't be divorced right now with out her and her firms help. The women in the office every time I called were very knowledgeable and helpful. So if you need help, check them out. The fees were very reasonable too. Thank you Ms. Sutton and your Law Firm for doing exactly what you said.
    - Greg C.
    "Carole Vogel has supported me well for a decade"
    Carole has been my attorney for almost ten years during a protracted and contentious family law case. Working with her from out of state, I have appreciated her responsiveness and precision in explaining to me the intricacies of Florida statutes, how they apply to me and my case, and how my time and resources are best spent so she can represent my best interests. I simply don't know where I'd be today emotionally and financially if it were not for her advice and support. Thank you, Carole!
    - Julie V
    "Highly Recommend Owenby Law"
    Sandy Millington was my lawyer for the last half of my case and really stepped up to the plate. Was very supportive and always willing to go the extra mile.
    - Amanda Flores
    "Quality Work"
    It was so wonderful working with This law firm and especially Sandy. She was very attentive to our needs and was able to walk us through the whole process. Sometimes legal terms get confusing but Sandy had a way to make it All make sense. I will use Sandy for all our needs moving forward. Thank you!
    - Elena O.
    "Very helpful and approachable"
    Working with Owenby Law was a great experience. My lawyer, Sandy, was very helpful and approachable. She was able to make me understand everything and feel comfortable with the process. She is a great lawyer and I would recommend her to everyone! Thanks for such a good experience.
    - E. O.
    "Highly recommend"
    I needed a lawyer and was happy to read about Owenby Law’s focus on personalized service & customized care. Sandy was my lawyer and she was so caring, helpful and knowledgeable. I am so grateful for choosing this firm and Sandy. Thank you! I would recommend Sandy for your law firm needs as well.
    - Anonymous
    "Owenby Law is my number one choice!"
    Jacqueline Meyer is a trustworthy, caring, and professional attorney that helped me not just win my case, but helped me understand fully what to expect. She prepared me for everything regarding my case, what to expect in court, and was very thorough throughout the entire process. She understood my anxiety and nervousness of the outcomes and fears of the case and was always reassuring of whatever I needed. I am forever grateful for the help she served me and my family. Jacqueline will always be my number one call for any legal assistance I might need in the future and I will let others know about how hard she works if they ever need assistance as well. She was a pleasure to work with and made my life a little easier throughout the week I worked with her. Thank you for being the best!
    - Jordan Bland
    "If you need someone who is responsive to your needs call on Sandy!"
    Sandy Millington assisted me with preparing my will and health directive. She was so helpful in insuring I understood everything that needed to be included . She was very responsive and patient as I continuously asked questions and changed wording. Her staff was also very polite and responsive. I was very impressed with the office and have already recommended her to my friends! I plan on using her again .
    - Ava Scearce
    "Great assistance from Owenby Law"
    For someone going in unfamiliar with all the legalities and process of Family Law, my attorney, Darryl Block has been most helpful and most kind. He understood the situation I was in and assisted me every step of the way. Highly recommended.
    - Tyrone M
    "Great and compassionate attorney"
    I have known Carol Vogel for years and she is the most caring , committed and compassionate attorney I have ever met.
    - Peter Prince
    "Andrea Shneck is amazing!"
    I was petrified in the beginning when I found out I was being sued by the state. Mrs. Andrea Shneck laid out such an awesome plan of action that made my worries disappear. She was amazing in the court room and always available when I needed her. Will definitely use her again if I need to be protected. Thank you so much Andrea Shneck!
    - Douglas Calvert
    My attorney Andrea Schanck proved to be the right choice!
    - Michael S Arnold
    "Owenby Law was super helpful during my case and my attorney Sandy Millington was always accessible and supportive."
    I would recommend her to anyone that needs legal services. She went out of her way to answer my questions and explain everything in a way I could always understand.
    - Pamela Roig
    "Sienna Sprinkle is an amazing attorney and will always be my first call for all legal assistance. "
    She is always available when you need something whether it be by email or phone call. She will work day and night to get you the best results.
    - Victoria Gino
    "My experience with the Owenby Law Firm has been outstanding. "
    I did much better in my final hearing that I ever thought I would. I can’t thank her enough.
    - Rick Stevens