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Fleming Island Child Support Attorneys

Helping You Secure the Financial Support Your Child Deserves

When parents separate or divorce, the court will issue a child support order to ensure the child’s financial needs are met. Child support is a court-ordered payment that one parent makes to the other to help cover the costs of raising a child. The amount of child support a parent is required to pay is determined by the court and is based on a variety of factors, including the parents’ income, the child’s needs, and the child’s standard of living.

At Owenby Law, P.A., we understand that child support is a sensitive issue. Our Fleming Island child support lawyers are here to help you navigate the legal process and work to secure a fair child support order that meets your child’s needs. We have helped thousands of clients throughout Clay County, and we are prepared to assist you, too.

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How is Child Support Calculated in Florida?

Florida uses a specific formula to calculate child support. This formula is based on the parents’ combined income and the number of children they have together. The court will also consider other factors, such as the child’s healthcare and educational needs, when determining the amount of child support.

When calculating child support, the court will consider the following factors:

  • The parents’ income
  • The child’s healthcare and educational needs
  • The child’s standard of living
  • The child’s age and needs
  • The child’s custody arrangement

Once the court has determined the amount of child support, it will issue a child support order. This order will outline the amount of child support that must be paid and how often it must be paid. The court will also determine which parent is responsible for paying child support.

How Long Does Child Support Last in Florida?

In Florida, child support typically lasts until the child turns 18. However, if the child is still in high school when they turn 18, child support will continue until the child graduates or turns 19, whichever comes first. In some cases, the court may order child support to continue past the child’s 19th birthday if the child has special needs.

Child support may also end if the child is emancipated. A child is considered emancipated if they get married, join the military, or become self-supporting. If a child is emancipated, the parent who is receiving child support must file a motion with the court to terminate the child support order.

What Happens If I Can’t Afford to Pay Child Support?

If you have experienced a significant change in your financial circumstances, you may be able to request a child support modification. A child support modification is a court-ordered change to the amount of child support that must be paid.

There are several ways you may be able to modify your child support order, including if:

  • You have lost your job
  • You have experienced a significant decrease in income
  • You have experienced a significant increase in income
  • You have experienced a significant change in your financial circumstances

To request a child support modification, you must file a motion with the court. The court will then review your case and determine whether a modification is appropriate.

What Happens If My Ex-Spouse Stops Paying Child Support?

If your ex-spouse has stopped paying child support, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney can help you file a motion with the court to enforce the child support order. If the court finds that your ex-spouse is in contempt of court, they may be required to pay the child support they owe, plus interest. The court may also take other enforcement actions, such as garnishing your ex-spouse’s wages or placing a lien on their property.

How Our Child Support Lawyers Can Help

Our child support attorneys in Fleming Island are here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you navigate the legal process from start to finish. We are committed to providing you with the top-notch legal representation you need and deserve.

When you choose to work with our team, you can expect the following:

  • Compassionate, personalized legal guidance
  • Open and honest communication
  • Regular case updates
  • Strategic legal solutions tailored to your unique situation
  • Aggressive representation both in and out of the courtroom

Contact us at (904) 770-3141 today to let us help you resolve your child support matters.

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