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Modification of Child Custody

Child Custody Modification Lawyer in Jacksonville

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When you agree upon a child custody arrangement, or the court assigns a parenting plan for you and your ex-spouse to follow, it can only account for what is known now and what might be easily predicted. As life is anything but predictable, it is not uncommon for circumstances to change and for a different child custody arrangement to be better for yourself and your children. When such a situation occurs, you can come to Owenby Law, P.A. and our Jacksonville child custody lawyers for legal guidance to set things right.

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Why a Child Custody Agreement May Need Modification

The court will not be eager to modify a child custody agreement it once approved. Everything the court decides must be in the best interests of the children involved in the family law case, and so changing a preexisting custody agreement could jeopardize the child’s comfort and peace of mind. It is your job to show the court that the modification will not disrupt their best interests, but instead uphold them. Our family lawyers are here to help you create your argument, and we can even act on your behalf before the court to present it.

Reasons why a court might approve the modification of a child custody agreement include:

  • Custodial parent must relocate dramatically for employment.
  • One parent has become abusive or violates visitation and time sharing agreements.
  • Child has matured and no longer enjoys spending time with one parent.
  • Financial changes has made it difficult to maintain primary child custody.

Working on a Modification is Easy with Our Help

Preparing a modification to child custody arrangements can be intimidating, especially if you think your ex-spouse will not want to cooperate. Let our Jacksonville, Florida child custody assist you from the start of your case to the finish so you do not need to worry about the fine details on your own. We can also be retained if your ex-spouse has proposed a modification that you do not believe benefits your child, helping you challenge the petition.

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