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Bench Warrants

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Missing a court date in Florida without having contacted and made arrangements with the court can have serious consequences. Failing to show up to court could result in the judge issuing a bench warrant seeking your arrest as soon as you are identified by law enforcement. If a bench warrant has been issued for your arrest after a missed court date, you should seek counsel from an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help you explore your options.

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Types of Arrest Warrants

There are a number of reasons why an individual may be required to appear in court. Some of the most common criminal offenses include things like DUI and traffic tickets, or more serious crimes including drug offenses and sex offenses. Regardless of the charges a person is facing, missing a court date, either accidentally or intentionally, will result in the issuing of a warrant for their arrest.

When the failure to appear involves a misdemeanor offense, the warrant is called a bench warrant. When a person fails to show up in court to address a felony offense, the warrant is called an alias capias. Law enforcement is likely to more aggressively seek out offenders with this type of outstanding warrant, and if the offender is found and arrested, he or she will likely not be able to post bond.

The Consequences of Unresolved Bench Warrants

Missing a court date without a valid reason can make an already tricky situation even more complicated.

Failing to turn yourself in has a number of undesirable consequences, including:

  • Day-to-day possibility of arrest at any time
  • Bench warrants & alias capias show up on background checks
  • Warrants will not go away until you are either arrested or turn yourself in
  • If you are arrested, you will likely be in the court’s bad graces and face fines and jail time

Don’t worry; even if there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest, you have options to proactively resolve this issue. It may be possible to negotiate with the police for your surrender or appear in court with your attorney to surrender and petition for a speedy resolution. Alternatively, it may be possible to petition to remove an improperly issued warrant or withdraw a warrant on the grounds that your failure to appear was unavoidable or unintentional.

Other potential options may be available depending on the circumstances of your case, so contact our Jacksonville criminal defense lawyers as soon as possible to discuss how we can protect you.

Put Our Experienced Team on Your Side

It is not a good idea to try to wait out a bench warrant until you are identified and taken into custody; it is always better to seek a voluntary resolution. The Jacksonville criminal defense attorneys at our firm are prepared to review your case and discuss how we can help protect your best interests. You shouldn’t live in constant fear of an arrest – let us help you take care of your legal issue in the most favorable way possible so you can move forward with peace of mind.

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