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Your divorce may become heated when you try to decide how to resolve child custody issues and parental rights. You may want to be the only one who gets child custody rights, but so might your ex-spouse. At the same time, a Florida family law court tends to try to resolve matters by using a shared parenting agreement.

To figure out your child custody case without getting frustrated, come to Owenby Law, P.A. in St. Augustine. Our family law attorneys are here to help you protect the best interests of your child and your own, just as we have for so many other clients throughout our years of legal experience. We are even familiar with complex divorce circumstances, such as military divorce with children.

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How Florida Determines Child Custody Cases

Every decision made in a Florida family law court will need to be one that reflects, protects, or does not harm a child’s best interests. As such, child custody will be assigned to you and your ex-spouse depending on how the court sees who is and who is not fit to have parenting rights. We can help you prepare an argument for the court that shows you are capable of parenting and should be prioritized over your ex-spouse.

Courts consider the following aspects and more when deciding child custody:

  • Age of your child
  • Special education and living space needs of your child
  • The relationship between your child and each parent
  • Health and wellbeing of each parent
  • Financial stability of each parent
  • Willingness to cooperate of each parent

Remember that Florida courts want to assign shared custody as a default, as it is believed that children tend to develop better when influenced and raised by two parents. If you have reason to believe your ex-spouse should not be allowed to raise or live with your child after divorce, then let our St. Augustine child custody attorneys know.

Courts do not want to assign child custody to parents who have:

  • Recent criminal records or violent criminal backgrounds
  • No stable or dependable source of income
  • Health conditions that debilitate them regularly
  • No permanent place of residence

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