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Retirement Planning: When to Involve an Attorney

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You don’t need much to start thinking about how you want to retire and consider your financial options. (In fact, you’re doing it right now.) However, many people open retirement accounts and begin estate planning in order to help their loved ones avoid probate down the road and make it easy for money to be withdrawn and used as needed. This often requires you to pick the right sort of retirement account and name beneficiaries in such a way that you and your loved one(s) will be able to access, use, and/or inherit those accounts without getting tied up in probate court.

Hiring an attorney is the best way to ensure you have access to the funds you need to support yourself during retirement and your named loved ones can take over your accounts one day. In many cases, this is significantly simplified by naming a spouse as a beneficiary on important retirement accounts and assets. If you hope to name a non-spouse beneficiary for any of your retirement accounts or would prefer not to leave your retirement accounts to a spouse or ex-spouse, it may be best to hire an estate planning lawyer to help you set your wishes in stone.

When starting to make retirement plans, think about beneficiaries, and consider the future most people have a lot of tough questions, most of which require the knowledge and expertise of a professional. While the Internet is a great resource, nothing compares to having a real, live person to walk you through the process. At Owenby, P.A., we have helped many of our Jacksonville friends and neighbors create retirement plans that they feel good about going forward—and we can help you do it, too.

We offer free initial consultations and would be more than happy to help you begin considering your retirement options immediately. Call us at (904) 770-3141 today.