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Financial Responsibility for a Child's Uncovered Medical Expenses After Divorce

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Which parent is responsible for paying uncovered medical expenses for a minor child after a divorce? Generally, parents split the responsibility, though the percentage of each parent’s responsibility varies from case to case depending on each parties’ financial responsibility for child support.

As an example, a recent case in the Florida First District Court of Appeal involved a woman who was ordered by a lower court judge to share equal responsibility for all non-covered medical expenses for her children with her ex-husband. She appealed this decision because this allocation conflicted with the final judgment’s allocation of the parties’ relative financial responsibility for child support. As a general rule, if non-covered medical expenses are ordered to be separately paid, absent some logically-established rationale in the final judgment to the contrary, the expenses must be allocated in the same percentage as the child support allocation. In this case, the woman and her attorneys are seeking to reverse this portion of her judgment and are still awaiting a ruling.

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