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What is Equitable Distribution?
What is Equitable Distribution?

Equitable distribution is a concept used in Florida property division law, which attempts to ensure that spouses receive a fair and just outcome regarding the division of property during divorce. While this may sound simple enough, it can be an incredibly complex and nuanced ...

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  • What is Marital Property?

    When it comes to marriage, there are laws that govern what is and isn’t considered marital property. In short, marital property is any asset or ...

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  • What are Divorce Alternatives?

    For many married couples, divorce is not always the only solution. There are alternative methods like legal separation, mediation, and annulment. ...

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  • 5 Surprising Divorce Statistics

    As time goes on, the figures related to divorce are constantly changing. This blog will take a look at 5 of some of the most recently up-to-date ...

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  • How Does Child Custody Work in a Military Divorce?

    For military couples considering divorce, there is the additional challenge of determining child custody when one or both spouses are in the military. ...

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  • The Difficulties of Military Divorce

    Divorce is a process that can be difficult no matter the situation, but divorce, when one spouse is involved with the military, can present unique and ...

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  • Annulment vs. Divorce

    If you are considering ending your marriage, you may wonder what the difference is between annulment and divorce. This is a common question, as the ...

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  • Pros and Cons of a Prenuptial Agreement

    Marriage is a big step. It comes with a lot of changes, both good and bad. One of the most significant changes is combining your finances. This can be ...

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  • Divorce When Living in Different States

    If you are considering divorce, but your spouse lives in a different state, a few additional things will need to be considered, such as whether or not ...

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  • Divorcing Later in Life

    Divorcing later in life can be a difficult and stressful experience. Couples who have been together for many years may find it hard to adapt to living ...

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