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How Long Do You Have to be Separated to Get a Divorce in Florida?
How Long Do You Have to be Separated to Get a Divorce in Florida?

The divorce process can be a long and complicated one, and the length of time it takes to finalize a divorce varies depending on the circumstances of each case. There is a mandatory separation period before a divorce can be finalized in many states. This period gives the ...

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  • Is Adultery Grounds for Divorce in Florida?

    Every married couple goes through difficult times. The stress of work, bills, children, and other responsibilities can put a strain on even the ...

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  • How to Help Your Children Cope With Divorce

    Helping Children Adjust Through Their Parent’s Divorce No one ever said that divorce would be easy, especially when children are involved. The end of ...

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  • Can I Empty My Bank Account Before a Divorce?

    Removing Money From a Joint Bank Account You may think half of the money in your bank account is yours, but in the state of Florida, when going ...

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  • What Happens if My Ex-Spouse Refuses to Sign Divorce Papers?

    Can Your Ex Hold Up a Divorce? Failing to respond to a divorce petition in Florida has consequences, and while it may make the process more ...

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  • Six Things You Should Know About Florida Divorce

    Starting the Divorce Process in Florida After months of evaluating the relationship, you realize that a divorce is in your best interest. Coming to ...

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  • Do I Have to Split My Inheritance With My Spouse in a Divorce?

    Protecting Your Inheritance In a Divorce From child custody and child support to visitation and alimony, many contentious issues can arise in a ...

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  • How To Get Through Your First Valentine’s Day After Divorce

    Mending a Broken Heart Whether you or your ex-spouse made the first move in the divorce process, it doesn’t mean that you’re not feeling pain in the ...

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  • How Do I File For Divorce If I Don’t Know Where My Spouse is?

    The Process of Filing for A Divorce Without Your Spouse If your ex-spouse is MIA and you’re ready to get a divorce so you can move on with your life, ...

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  • The Shocking Stats in U.S. Divorce [Infographic]

    According to Guinness World Records , the U.S. has the 3rd-highest divorce rate in the world. Maldives and Belarus rank #1 and #2, respectively. While ...

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