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Dealing with Seeing Kids Less After a Divorce

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During the divorce you and your spouse still lived together in the same home, and while that made the divorce proceedings difficult, you still got to see your kids every day of the week. Now that the divorce is over, things have changed, and you only get to see your kids every so often. How can you deal with seeing your kids less now that the divorce is over? Here are some tips.

Understand Having Both Parents Actively Involved Can Be Healthy

While this tip may not give you more time with your kids, it can ease the difficulty of not seeing your kids as much as you would like. Research on the psychology of divorce shows having both parents actively involved in their children’s lives can be better for their emotional growth. Therefore, it’s important to recognize it’s best for your children if they see both you and your spouse on a regular basis. Once you do, it can have a healthy impact on the outlook of your custody situation.

Plan for the Time You Have with Your Kids

When you’re a parent full time on top of your job and other duties, it can be difficult to plan out activities for you and your kids to enjoy. However, in divorce scenarios, you have more free time to yourself, which you can use to research things to do when you have your kids with you. For example, instead of having a regular lunch at home, use your free time to plan a fun picnic at a park. Instead of watching a movie on the couch, build a room-fort for your kids the night before they come over and watch a move in there. All that to say, take the time you have without your kids, and use it to maximize the time you have with your kids!

Realize Your Kids Love You Regardless of Time

Many parents worry the amount of time they have with their kids directly impacts the amount of love their kids have for them. While there is a correlation between time and affection, there are thousands of other factors that impact one’s affection towards another. Therefore, it’s crucial to realize your kids will always be your kids, and that they will love you the same as long as you take the time to invest in their lives. As the old saying goes, quality over quantity!

We hope these tips help you struggle through the difficulty of seeing your kids less after a divorce. Speaking of divorce, if you ever have post-divorce family law needs, our firm would love to help. Contact us anytime for a free initial consultation regarding your case.