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Can Divorce Records be Sealed?

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Asking the Courts to Seal Divorce Records

While divorce records are generally public in Florida, there may be some sensitive information that you would rather keep out of the public eye. While getting divorce records sealed can be an arduous task, arming yourself with as much information about the process can help you when it comes time to present to the courts a motion to seal divorce records. Here are some steps to take.

What Do The Courts Consider in Sealing Divorce Records?

Florida courts may consider sealing your divorce records if:

  • You or your former spouse are affiliated with public politics.
  • You and your former spouse are celebrities.
  • Abuse of either spouse or children is noted in the divorce records.
  • Mental illness or addiction of either spouse is stated in the divorce records.
  • The public divorce record could in some way pose harm to either spouse.

How to File a Motion to Seal Divorce Records

The process of sealing Florida divorce records means filing a motion and affidavit. In addition to the above reasons, you must also show good cause that having a public record could cause harm to your relationships, career, finances, or reputation.

If you need assistance with filing a motion to seal your divorce records, enlisting the help of a knowledgeable attorney who understands the process can increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

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