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Do I Still Have to Pay Child Support if I Lost My Job?

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Understanding Your Child Support Obligations

Losing a job is stressful enough — and when it also affects your children, it can make the situation that much more difficult. Even when you are faced with this dilemma, Florida laws mandate that you still pay child support. However, there are some things you can do that can ease your situation. Read on to learn more.

What Are Your Options?

After losing your income, you have the following options to help alleviate some of your worries:

Speak to a Family Law Attorney

While you may be thinking that hiring an attorney is the last thing you should do when you are out of a job, an experienced lawyer can examine your situation and guide you through all your options to make an informed decision. When it comes to family law, it’s crucial to have a professional examine your case.

File a Child Support Modification

As mentioned above, having an attorney assist you with your child support dilemmas can make all the difference. An attorney can help you file a child support modification that can reduce the amount of child support or temporarily stop payments until you find a job. Don’t just stop paying.

There are consequences of not paying child support that may include penalties and fines, seized property and assets, suspension of a driver’s license, and in some cases, jail time. It’s critical to keep looking for work, as a modification is just a chance to help you get back on your feet and not an option you can have for an extended period.

When You Need Help With Child Support, We Are Here For You.

Child support laws in Florida are complicated and aren’t so easy to navigate. When you need to protect your child’s right to financial support, we are here to help. When you have questions, we have the answers you need. Our experienced family law attorneys are here to walk you through the process so you can rest assured that all your family law needs are appropriately addressed.

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