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Does Child Support End Automatically at Age 18 in Florida?

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Understanding Child Support Laws in Florida

Child support covers the care, maintenance, education, and other various necessities that your child may have. Court-ordered child support is an obligation that parents cannot waive under a legal and moral duty to uphold their child's needs and maintenance. However, one of the top questions parents have about child support is, “How long does child support last?” Read on to learn the answer to the most common questions about the termination of child support.

What Happens When a Child Turns 18?

In many cases, child support ends when the child turns 18. However, if a child has not graduated high school before their 18th birthday, it may continue until graduation.

The maximum age a child can receive child support in Florida is 20 years old. If a child graduates from high school after they turn 18, but before they reach 20 years of age, child support will end on their day of graduation.

What Happens if a Child is Not on Track to Graduate High School Before Age 19?

Child support may terminate earlier if your child is not actively achieving a high school diploma or on track to graduate before they turn 19. In this case, child support will end on the child's 18th birthday.

When Can Child Support Continue After Age 19?

In Florida, if you have a special needs child who cannot support themselves as an adult, child support will last for the duration of their life. When seeking child support for a special needs child, it's critical to enlist the help of a family law attorney to ensure your child's rights are protected.

Need Assistance With Child Support Payments? We Are Here For You.

Understanding how child support laws work in Florida means that your child's rights will remain protected. Child support agreements can be a complicated process to navigate, and parents often have many questions about their roles in supporting their children together.

Our experienced family law attorneys have the answers you need and are here to guide you through every step of the way so you can rest assured that all your family law needs are appropriately addressed.

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