5 Summertime Co-Parenting Tips

5 Summertime Co-Parenting Tips

For divorced parents, the summertime can be a major headache. Scheduling activities and trips around an existing child custody arrangement can prove difficult, but there are tips you can follow to make everyone’s life a little easier.

1. Focus on Your Child’s Happiness

Newly divorced couples often involve their children in arguments without even realizing it. When you are co-parenting, focus on the happiness of your child first. Don’t make your child feel like they have to pick between mom and dad. The summertime is for creating lasting memories, and you can help facilitate that by keeping your child at the forefront.

2. Plan a Vacation Schedule

Meet your ex-spouse to discuss and create a vacation schedule that appeals to everyone. By meeting, everyone can voice their wants and needs right then and there, instead of having to argue over the finalized schedule. Once the vacation is set, stick to it.

3. Stay in Communication

If, for some reason, you decide to not tell the other parent about a change of plans to the vacation schedule you agreed on, they may be able to bring legal action against you. Avoid trouble by staying in constant communication, even if it means a simple text message or email.

4. Plan for Summer Daycare

With school being out, you may need to make arrangements for your child to either attend a daycare or be watched by a babysitter. You can also look into summer programs or camps where kids can spend the day playing with other kids, going on field trips, doing art projects and more. A safe and cared-for child will keep both parents happy.

5. Consider Mediation

If a summer schedule cannot be resolved, your best bet may be to mediate your differences in front of a child custody lawyer. Either spouse can bring in a mediator to help resolve your disputes, without having to go to court. If mediation does not work, your last and final option is to get the courts involved.

At Owenby Law, P.A., our Jacksonville divorce lawyers can assist you and your ex-spouse in creating a parenting plan that both of you can agree to. If you’re ready to discuss your case, call (904) 770-3141 or contact us online .

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