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5 Tips for Co-Parenting

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a father hugging his daughterCo-parenting is a great way for divorced or separated parents to have an active role in their child’s life. It helps the child maintain regular contact with each parent and build healthy relationships with them.

Below, we discuss five tips to make co-parenting a bit easier.

How to Co-Parent Amicably

Establishing a harmonious co-parenting system can have immense benefits for a child’s mental and emotional health. Taking the following into consideration when beginning the co-parenting process can help make this a reality for your child:

  1. Focus on the child. The main objective of co-parenting is to make your child feel safe and loved. By having the co-parenting focus on how to optimize the child’s health and happiness, you can set aside any residual anger or frustration you may feel for your ex-spouse.

  2. Improve communication. Co-parenting only works if each parent communicates well with the other. Make an agreement to focus most interactions on your common purpose: the child’s well-being.

  3. Never put the child in the middle. This is the opposite of a healthy and effective co-parenting strategy. Putting your child in the middle of arguments, or making them take a side, may make them feel insecure and overwhelmed.

  4. Practice consistency. Children thrive when their environments are consistent. Once you begin the co-parenting process, you have to stick to it. Keep regular schedules and visitation hours, and maintain healthy lines of communication with your ex-spouse.

  5. Make transitions easier. The aftermath of a divorce is a difficult time for your child. Work with your ex-spouse to make the transition (such as new living arrangements or different schedules) as seamless for the child as possible.

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