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What are the Most Common Reasons for Divorce?

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Why Couples Decide to Call It Quits

There are hundreds of reasons why married couples want to end their marriage, but some are more common than others. Here’s what studies and research have to say about the reasons why couples decide to call it quits.

Research and Reasons for Divorce

According to a 2013 publication of compiled studies by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), the following were the most common reasons for divorce in the U.S.

  • Growing Apart - Couples who lose their compatibility and grow apart may begin to lead separate lives and no longer share the same interests. This reason accounted for 55% of divorces in one particular study. Incompatibility was cited as 19.2% of all divorce reasons.
  • Not Being Able to Talk Together - When married couples lack communication or cannot share how they feel, it can make the marriage even more contentious and filled with resentment. The NCBI article reported 53% of divorces stemmed from this issue.
  • Money Issues - 40% of divorcing couples cited how one spouse handled money as to why their marriage ended. When one spouse is a “spender” and the other is a “saver,” it can add more stress and disagreements within the marriage.
  • Infidelity - When one spouse is unfaithful, it can be challenging for the other spouse to recover from the hurt and trust again. 21.6% of marriages were reported to end due to extramarital affairs.
  • Drug or Alcohol Use - Drinking and drug use accounted for 10.6% of marriages ending in one study. Alcohol and drug use can affect many aspects of marriage, including money, caring for children, and emotional issues.

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