Are There Limitations on What I Can Buy with Florida Child Support?

Are There Limitations on What I Can Buy with Florida Child Support?

According to a 2010 USDA report, the average middle-income family will spend nearly $12,000 a year on child-related expenses: that’s a significant cost for such a little bundle of joy! Clearly taking care of kids costs money, which is why a reasonable child support order is a necessary part of any divorce with children. In fact, child support is sometimes the only reason parents can appropriately take care of their dependents; however, different parents have vastly different ideas of what’s necessary or appropriate for their children. When we apply this truth to child support, it makes us wonder: are there limitations on what someone can buy with Florida child support?

Child Support Payments & Accountability

Florida courts will determine child support payments after considering several factors like parental income, how much time the child spends with each parent, and more. However, once child support is determined by the court, the court does not hold the recipient accountable for how they choose to spend the money. Therefore, the recipient of child support is typically free to use the payments in any way they see fit. The only time a Florida court would investigate a child support recipient is if the child’s needs are ignored or neglected.

Many people believe that those who pay child support are entitled to know how the recipient uses the funds; however, a recipient is not legally required to tell a payer how he or she uses child support payments. Therefore, a recipient is rarely accountable (to the court, the payer, or anyone else) for how they choose to spend their child support funds.

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If you’re a single mother who knows who the father is, you can use an experienced family law attorney to help you establish paternity to collect child support. If you’re thinking about divorce, but are worried about your child’s well-being, you should talk to Owenby Law about the potential child support and child custody outcomes of your case. All that to say, Owenby Law can help you with all child support-related family law needs.

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