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Can I Force Someone to Take a Paternity Test?

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Can I Force Someone to Take a Paternity Test?

Identity is a crucial part of the American ecosystem. Without an established identity, you can’t board a plane, you can’t get a job, and you can’t receive government benefits. In fact, identity is so important that it can even impact newborn babies. Establishing a paternal identity will impact a child’s life through child support arrangements, family medical history, and a child’s right to health or life insurance. However, what happens when the father isn’t obvious? What if the mother has suspicions, but the potential father isn’t willing to take a paternity test? Today, we will determine if a Floridian can force someone else to take a paternity test.

Legality of Forced Paternity Testing

In Florida, a party can file for paternity testing under a civil action in a circuit court. A judge will listen to the facts of the case and determine if the “alleged father” is the real father. However, sometimes the facts aren’t enough, and the judge will force the “alleged father” to take a genetic test to prove or disprove their paternity. Therefore, while you can’t force someone to take a paternity test; under the right circumstances, a judge can force someone to take a paternity test.

Representation Matters

Arguing the facts of a paternity dispute in front of a judge is the only way to “force” someone to take a paternity test. Therefore, having representation that can show the judge the necessity of genetic testing is crucial to your case. If you are trying to prove paternity, it’s crucial you hire an experienced family law attorney who knows the way to argue for your case.

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