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Florida Out-of-Wedlock Child Support

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Florida Out-of-Wedlock Child Support

Setting up a child support order isn’t always easy, especially when the mother and father have never been married. In marriage scenarios, the child’s identity is rarely in question, as paternity is automatically established through matrimony. In contrast, children born out-of-wedlock may not have established paternity, which is a critical part of collecting child support. Therefore, mothers with children born out-of-wedlock will have a harder time creating a child support order. However, our firm is here to help!

Steps for Securing Florida Out-of-Wedlock Child Support

1. Hire an Attorney

As with most legal proceedings, hiring an experienced attorney for your case is the first step to securing out-of-wedlock child support. Child support orders are complicated and having a knowledgeable lawyer on your side can help you get the most out of your court-ordered child support.

2. Establish Paternity

A judge can’t order someone to pay child support when they aren’t legally identified as a parent of the child. Therefore, establishing paternity is a crucial part of receiving out-of-wedlock child support. In marriage, a father automatically assumes parental responsibilities for his child; but outside of marriage, paternity must be established. The process of establishing paternity is another reason a mother should hire a family law attorney when fighting for child support payments.

3. Fight for Child Support

After paternity has been established, it’s time to fight for a child support order.

A court’s child support order will consider the following aspects of a case:

  • How much time the parents spend with the child;
  • The incomes of the father and the mother;
  • The custody situation of the child; and
  • Much more.

As you can see, the court will consider a variety of the aspects of your case. Identifying the potential influencers on your own is nearly impossible, but with experienced representation, the child support process will be much easier on you and your family.

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