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Why is Divorce So Common in January?

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According to a variety of sources, January is referred to as the “Divorce Month.” Researchers state that during the first month of the year, the number of divorce filings exceeds the normal rate. But why is filing for divorce so popular during the month of January? Our Jacksonville divorce attorney list some of the most common reasons:

1. The Holidays Have Come to an End.

Many couples work through their issues during the end of the year to keep their families together for their children during the holidays. Because the divorce process can become messy and complex, many individuals choose not to disrupt holiday and New Year’s festivities.

2. Divorce Can Be Simpler in January for Reasons Involving Taxes

Due to tax purposes, a person contemplating divorce may wait to file in January since there is a possibility for a cleaner separation. In addition, many individuals receive financial bonuses during the holiday season. Many spouses will wait to file for divorce so they can obtain a portion of their spouses’ bonuses.

3. Spouses are Wiping Their Slates Clean for the New Year

In January, many people are committed to New Year’s resolutions. With that being said, unhappy spouses view January as the perfect month to wipe their slates clean. For some, the New Year means the start of a new and happier life.

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